How to use

Activate the quick search link from your Chrome address bar

Movies Search for ChromeTM is a personal helper and movie sites launcher right inside the address bar of your Chrome browser that provides you with quick links to search and play your favorite movies and videos.

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Select Your Favorite Site


Select your favorite movie site

In the Settings section of this extension, you can select your favorite movie site from the drop-down menu of "AI Matching App". We support Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, Reelgood, and JustWatch.


Launch the movie site to help you find the movies

Once a movie site is selected in the "AI Matching App" section, it will be the movie site that provides you the results of your movie-related search. Type the movie you look for in your address bar and a quick link to the result page of the movie site will be provided in the autocomplete suggestion.


Do you have any questions for us?

Glad to help here! You can either read the simple tutorial on our website or contact our Support Team via the Contact page. We will provide you step-by-step guidance.

In order to provide you the smart quick link in the autocomplete area of your Chrome browser's address bar, we need to use our search domain as a "placeholder" to replace your default search engine. In this extension, we support Yahoo, Google, and Bing. You can make a change at any time.

Yes, it is a free extension in Google's Chrome Web Store.

You can find instructions of how to remove this extension from your browser on the Uninstall page.